March -April 2009

Here in our Archdiocese, we find Lent upon us once again. In our church schools this year let's move away from the "giving up" idea, and move toward simply, "giving." By this I mean learning to give of time, talents, and yes, money, in creative ways. In a smaller church school it is even more possible to do this on a personal basis.Lent is a wonderful time to move into activities we have only thought abut previously. Take some lessons taught in earlier months (or go back to the "tithing Program" materials), and turn ideas into hands-on experiences. It will not only make a greater impression on your students, but you will find it enriching yourself. Look under "Lenten Activities" for some ideas that might work with your students. You will see concepts and biblical references linked with possible activities. Try to implement at least one of these in Lent if possible, or send us one of your own ideas. You may find that your students find it so rewarding that they will wish to continue with the activity after Lent is over! May you and your students have a blessed, enriching Lenten period!


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